Ignite Desire Now - Disc 2: For Him

Are you getting turned down in the bedroom? Worse yet, are you turning her down in the bedroom ‘cause you are just Too Tired or stressed? Believe it or not, this problem is more common than you think. These problems are something most women wouldn't understand, and usually your partner thinks it's something wrong with her, or your relationship. In fact, you and I both know it's not.
Satyen Raja, has compiled a series of audio experiences that you just put in the CD player or put them on your ipod, sit back, listen and relax. Each track is formulated and designed to get you to experience a sequence of feelings, that when all combined, or experienced individually ramp your sex drive up through the roof. As men, we seldom have the opportunity in our busy lives to let go and UNPLUG -- Just disconnect at least just a little bit. When is the last time you let your hair down and just totally CUT LOOSE? This experience is one of the most desired experiences requested. Then as you CUT LOOSE, it' s time to RECHARGE your batteries and get ready for what's going to come next which is the undeniable feeling of "I’M READY" - Ready to unleash myself again with more vigor and vitality to engage my partner fully! Then finally "LET’S GO!", the powerful feeling of sexual urgency - the feeling of “I want it NOW”.